PHP Tools 1.16 News

Author by Jakub Misek
2 minutes
PHP Tools 1.16 News

We are happy to announce that the new version of PHP Tools for Visual Studio - 1.16 - is available. The update brings new features and improvements, based on your feedback.

Please visit downloads page for download and more information about improvements we introduce.


The editor newly recognizes that the user has changed the name of an identifier (e.g. a variable name or a function name) and shows a smart tag Ctrl+. with actions to automatically rename all occurrences. This allows to keep the code clean without undesirable typos. The standard Ctrl+R,R shortcut for renaming works as well.


Editor Improvements

We have been working on the PHP Editor itself. Now we are introducing new tooltips that are nicely colored in all supported Visual Studio versions and structured in the same way as tooltips from native Visual Studio languages.

Tool Tips

In addition to that, IntelliSense has been redesigned, working fluidly with namespaces and remembering recently selected items. New algorithms were designed to let you write code with fewer keyboard hits and more confidence during code auto-completion. Other editor enhancements include better function parameters info, smart brace completion (VS2013+), faster IntelliSense, syntax highlighting in PHPDoc, highlighting of class/interface names or better code analysis engine.

126 changes

New version introduces more than one hundred other changes and improvements. This includes stability and performance fixes, improvements to existing features and new features.

For more information see our change log or features page.