Phalanger Tools Support Annoucement

Author by Jakub Misek
2 minutes
Phalanger Tools Support Annoucement

We would like to announce changes in Phalanger Tools provided by DEVSENSE.

Phalanger Tools for Visual Studio is still being developed and supported. The tool will be transformed into an addon for PHP Tools, it will extend its functionality by providing Phalanger runtime, project templates, item templates, extended IntelliSense and more.

This change provides Phalanger users with more frequent updates, including new features and fixes. Also it will be easier to switch between PHP and Phalanger.


Phalanger Tools for Visual Studio will be provided as a free addon for PHP Tools.

Existing Customers

All the existing customers of Phalanger Tools can now download and activate PHP Tools as well. Within the next subscription renewal, they will be asked to upgrade to PHP Tools for Visual Studio. Their new renewal price will be lowered, the upgrade price is equal to PHP Tools renewal price.

Upcoming Changes

Phalanger Tools will become an addon to PHP Tools. It will automatically download and install PHP Tools if it is not installed on system yet. Also there are several planned features which affect how user will work with PHP projects in Visual Studio. One of them will be the ability to choose what runtime is required to run the project, e.g. PHP 5.6, PHP 7, HipHop or Phalanger. By choosing Phalanger, user will be asked to download and install Phalanger Tools.


There are no licensing or other changes to Phalanger - the opensource runtime and compiler of PHP language.Image description