Following the recent events, we would like to hereby offer clarification of the situation. DEVSENSE has two products, the original PHP Tools for Visual Studio, and the new PHP Tools for VS Code. PHP Tools for Visual Studio, our original product, has been out for 6 years and is completely unrelated to this issue.

PHP Tools for VS Code, our two-month-old product for enhancing work with Visual Studio Code, offers many different features, including a debugger. For the preview version of this product, we used MIT licensed code for the debugger part. The MIT license allows anyone to use, modify or sell the code with the sole condition of referencing the source.

Forgetting to add the attribution of MIT licensed code to the original author into the README file was a serious neglect from our side. We fixed it immediately upon the author's notification.

To compensate the MIT license's author for the wrongdoing, we offered him an apology and all of our revenue from the new "PHP Tools for VS Code" licenses to this date.