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DEVSENSE to support PHP in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Company brings PHP language support into Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Prague, Czech Republic, November 5, 2013 - DEVSENSE, a software company providing tools for PHP and .NET languages integration, today announced it will be providing its PHP Tools for Visual Studio addin to Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. It is the first add-in enhancing Visual Studio 2013 with the PHP language support. Target customers include HTML, PHP and .NET developers who are building or maintaining web services or web sites built on top of PHP language, either on Linux or Windows servers.

We are happy we can provide tight integration of PHP language into Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 development environment. Now web developers can develop, debug, deploy and test their PHP projects on top of this IDE, taking advantage of its features like great code editor or source control providers.

Jakub Misek, CTO, DEVSENSE

PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013

The add-in enables coding, deployment, testing, debug and management of PHP projects inside Visual Studio. It provides transparent support for PHP language inside the IDE while keeping high quality user experience.

DEVSENSE's PHP Tools, now integrated into Visual Studio 2013, enable web developers to use Visual Studio's powerful capabilities in combination with the PHP language. Web developers using DEVSENSE's tools will enjoy richer PHP development with Visual Studio through improved navigation, code completion and debugging support.

Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Developer Tools Marketing and Sales, Microsoft


Company is based in Prague, Czech Republic. It collaborated with Microsoft, providing tools and support for improving PHP web sites efficiency and security on Microsoft platforms. While working on PHP compiler, DEVSENSE team members gained knowledge of PHP internals. This helped to create PHP analysis methods used in the compiler and in smart code editor for PHP Tools for Visual Studio.

For additional information about DEVSENSE and PHP Tools for Visual Studio, please visit or follow @DevsenseCorp.

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