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Announcing PHP Tools updates (July 2019)

New features are available to PHP Tools - for both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code!

Devsense Devsense
5 minutes

PHP Basics: Forms, GET, and POST

How to request information from users and how to retrieve what they have written

John H. John H.
23 minutes

Creating a PHP API for Logging Messages Calls

A simple response system in PHP

John H. John H.
11 minutes

PHP and Nginx on Docker

Learn how to create connected containers for PHP and Nginx using the Docker Compose.

Maros Maros
16 minutes

June Summary

Check the most important articles for June on our blog

Fernanda Fernanda
2 minutes

PHP For Beginners - Part 1: Variables, Functions, Classes

Building up the most basic program in PHP

John H. John H.
22 minutes