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PHP Tools for Visual Studio (July 2021)

We are happy to announce PHP Tools v1.55.

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
7 minutes

Installing and configuring XAMPP for PHP development

How to install and configure XAMPP with Xdebug for PHP development

Miloslav Miloslav
15 minutes

PHP Tools for Code, Version 1.4

Announcing release version 1.4 of PHP Tools for Visual Studio Code!

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
4 minutes

Laravel on WSL and VS Code

Installing WSL, PHP, Xdebug, Composer, Laravel, and running and debugging the project on VSCode.

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
11 minutes

PHP Tools for VS Code (May 2021)

Visual Studio Code is getting more features for PHP development!

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
5 minutes

PHP Tools for Visual Studio (May 2021)

News about new features in PHP 8.1 and PHP Tools for Visual Studio - RegEx, PHP 8.1 enumerations, PHP 8.1 installation, etc.

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
3 minutes