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PHP 7.4 Support for Visual Studio

Support for PHP 7.4 and more

John H. John H.
7 minutes

Phar archives in VS Code

This new feature of PHP tools allows you to look at the source code in Phar archives

Fernanda Fernanda
~1 minute

Debugging PHP in Visual Studio Code

How to debug your PHP code in VS Code

John H. John H.
9 minutes

Debugging PHP in Visual Studio

Get started with some basic debugging

John H. John H.
11 minutes

Installing and using Composer for PHP

Download and install all the dependencies you need

John H. John H.
9 minutes

Using PHPDoc With PHP 7 - And Actually Making it Work

Creating documentation that explains what each class, function, or variable does without having to read through the entire code

John H. John H.
15 minutes