IntelliPHP for IntelliJ - EAP

Author by Jakub Misek
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IntelliPHP for IntelliJ - EAP

UPDATE (March 2024): IntelliPhp for IntelliJ is publicly available at

Today, we're releasing a preview version of full-line AI completions for IntelliJ (and PhpStorm). Try IntelliPHP for IntelliJ.

IntelliPHP in PhpStorm

It's a neat plugin for IntelliJ (and PHPStorm) with machine learned code suggestions, working fully locally, providing suggestions instantly, not requiring Internet connection!

Installing EAP

In order to install the plugin from Early Access Program, follow the steps on

  • Go to Setting / Plugins, and add Custom Plugin Repository:

    Image description

  • Search for intelliPHP plugin

  • Install

    install IntelliPHP

How it Works

As you type, IntelliPHP generates a most probable line completion and offers it as an in-line suggestion. Confirm it with TAB key, and the suggestion gets inserted. The plugin does it all locally, within milliseconds, on your machine, without any Internet data transfer.

IntelliPHP in PhpStorm


We're happy about this new achievement. IntelliPHP for IntelliJ enhances productivity, works instantly, does not interfere with your regular work flow, and once you get used to it, it greatly helps building your code.

See Also

If you like PHP AI code suggestions - it is already available for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2019, and 2022 (installed together with PHP Tools).