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Update: Support for Generics

PHP Editor now supports the generics annotations! and more. Seet what's new.

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
5 minutes

Use Grunt with PHP Tools for Visual Studio

Use Grunt in PHP Tools for Visual Studio

Miloslav Beno Miloslav Beno
17 minutes

PHP in VS Code - Pre-Release Extension

Pre-Release version of PHP Tools for VS Code is now available!

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
3 minutes

Check out the 10 Key Bonuses of Choosing the Laravel PHP Framework!

The Laravel PHP Framework can be a great place to start for businesses wishing to develop unique software. Here are the reasons why!

Harikrishna Kundariya Harikrishna Kundariya
7 minutes

Create a multi-container PHP app with Docker Compose

How to create more than one docker container with PHP app in Visual Studio and communicate between them.

Miloslav Beno Miloslav Beno
14 minutes

PHP for VS Code (March 2022)

PHP Tools for Visual Studio Code releases and updates - code in a browser, Laravel, settings, and IntelliSense!

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
5 minutes