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WordPress IntelliSense and Linting

Enable IntelliSense and Code Analysis for WordPress plugins/themes in VS Code, without opening the WordPress source code itself.

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
4 minutes

Sort Uses and Remove Unused Uses on PHP File Save (Organize Uses on Save)

Automatically sort and remove uses when saving PHP files in Visual Studio Code.

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
2 minutes

PHP Language Level in VS Code

Choosing PHP language level in Visual Studio Code, scanning for compatibility issues.

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
4 minutes

PHP Tools for Visual Studio (September 2023)

New update with PHP 8.3, caching vendor, tons of IntelliSense improvements, and more!

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
3 minutes

IntelliPHP - AI-Assisted PHP Development

IntelliPHP - AI-Powered PHP Development. Enhance coding with context-aware suggestions. Boost productivity.

Miloslav Beno Miloslav Beno
5 minutes

PHP for Visual Studio, AI, IntelliSense - July 2023

AI, IntelliSense, Code Diagnostics - PHP for Visual Studio!

Jakub Misek Jakub Misek
7 minutes